31 Texas State Thespians placed 1st or 2nd to qualify for Nationals

2nd Place National Qualifiers

Group Musical: “Raise the Roof” – Wild Party  Andrew Lippa

Company: Meghan Gwinn, Kerensa McMurphy, Kylie Snyder, Kyilie Hidalgo, Christina Gibson, Cat Reynolds, Dani Dinderman, Grace Whaley, Kelsey Giallanza, Mallory Fondren, Sarah Barth

Duet Musical: “Three Bedroom House” – Bat Boy The Musical    Lawrence O’Keefe

Emily Deragon & Abby Weeks

Scenic Design: The Addams Family    Andrew Lippa

Cole Yates

Stage Management: The Addams Family   Andrew Lippa

Sarah Rasing

1st Place National Qualifiers

Monologue: Blue Stockings    Jessica Swale

Taylor Needham  *Mainstage Performer – Taming the Shrew   William Shakespeare

Solo Musical“I’m Not Alone – Carrie, The Musical

Rebecca Stanley

Group Musical“T’Aint Nobodies Bizness” – Bullets Over Broadway    Everet Robins & Porter Granger

Company:  Tyler Hardin, Michael Pham, Jose Monogollon, Corey Jennings, Chance Jarvis, Max Foster, Liam McGarrity, Carson Leonard, Brendan Morrow, Ryan Simon

Costume Design: Tartuffe – Molliere

Rachael Stewart

Tech Challenge Team

Cole Andrews, Cole Yates, Sarah Rasing, Megan Sizemore, Mike Gudilj, Thomas Kim, Rachael Stewart

Music Works Contest

Cat Reynolds – “The Session”  *Mainstage Performance


Congratulations ADDAM’S FAMILY COMPANY for the following nominations:

  1. Best Leading Actress – Rebecca Stanley as Wednesday
  2. Best Choreography
  3. Best Ensemble/Chorus
  4. Best Musical Direction
  5. Best Costume Design
  6. Best Scenic Design

There were a total of 15 categories and we were nominated for 6!  GO RANCH!!!!!!

2015 UIL FILM Contest

Note: Each school is allowed to submit 3 films per category, (Narrative, Animation and Documentary).  Cypress Ranch submitted 3 films in each category. We are thrilled to have 3 Cypress Ranch films make it to Round 2.  It is exciting to see this new program and the amazing creative talents of the students working hard on their films.

Cypress Ranch has 3 Films, one in each category to advance to the 2nd round of the UIL State Film Contest!

Cypress Ranch 2nd Round Films and categories are listed below:

BAD MIME – Narrative Film

MORQUIO KID – Documentary Film

ALL IS FAIR – Animation Film

“All is Fair” – Animation *Advanced to Round 2 in UIL Film

Written and Directed by Michael Pham; Director, Editor & Cinematography: Kieran Pilling; Projection Specialist: Jose Mogollon; Actors: Brett Bellamy and Lexie Martin

“Morquio Kid” – Documentary *Advanced to UIL State Semi Finals

Written, Produced, Directed and Cinematography by: Tyler Hardin and Miguel Lira

Actor: Doyle Waller, as himself

“Bad Mime” – Narrative *Advanced to Round 2 in UIL Film

Written by Miguel Lira; Produced by Jacob Carter and Cat Reynolds; Directed by Audrey Kohler; Actors: Cameron Bishop and Taylor Needham

Cypress Ranch 3rd Round, 2015 UIL Film Sem-Finals! 

MORQUIO KID – Documentary Film

MORQUIO KID was written, directed, edited and produced by seniors Tyler Hardin and Miguel Lara.  The subject and star of this film is Cypress Ranch’s own Doyle Waller.

Cypress Ranch 2015 UIL One Act Play BLUE STOCKINGS – Region Finalists

UIL One Act Play ZONE Contest Awards:

Advancing Play – Blue Stockings – 1st Place

Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Brett Bellamy, Meghan Gwinn, and Asia Kreitz

All Star Cast – Michael Pham and Mark Waddell

Best Actress –  Rebekah Stanley

Best Technician –  Cole Andrews

Best Overall Technical Crew -Cole Andrews, Blake Dalton, Jose Mogollon, John Schmitt, Cole Yates

UIL One Act Play DISTRICT Contest Awards: 

Advancing Play – Blue Stockings – 1st Place

Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Michael Pham

All Star Cast – Megan Gwinn & Josh Edwards

Best Actress –  Taylor Needham

Best Technician –  Cole Yates

UIL One Act Play BI-DISTRICT Awards:

Advancing Play – Blue Stockings

Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Michael Pham & Mark Waddell

All Star Cast – Rebekah Stanley & Josh Edwards

Best Technician –  Jose Mogollon

UIL One Act Play AREA Awards:

Advancing Play – Blue Stockings

Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Asia Kreitz & Caleb Wyrick

All Star Cast – Amber Grant

Best Actress:  Rebekah Stanley

Best Technician –  Blake Dalton

UIL One Act Play REGION Awards:

Blue Stockings – Region Finalists

Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Brett Bellamy

All Star Cast – Rebekah Stanley

Best Technician –  John Schmitt III

BLUE STOCKINGS – 2015 UIL One Act Play REGION FINALISTS (1 of 24 schools 6A State Contest)


2015 Nationals MusicWorks Winner – 1st Place – Cat Reynolds for her Original Musical, GROUP

2015 USITT SW Regional Symposium – 2nd Place – Rachel Stewart for Costume Design

2015 Theatre Scholarship Recipients:

Tyler Hardin – 4 year Partial Scholarship for Film to Baylor University

Rebekah Stanley – 4 year partial scholarship for Musical Theatre to Webster University

Taylor Needham – 4 year Partial Scholarship for Theatre to DePaul University

Amber Grant – partial scholarship for Theatre & Honors College to Sam Houston State University