Do YOU need an Audition Video?

Casting directors and colleges everywhere are asking you to submit self taped audition videos. Don’t let your audition suffer because of poor video production!

Mason Diaz is a film producer with professional training on both sides of the camera. He want’s to provide his fellow Cy-Ranch alumni with professional audition videos while giving them a chance to become confident with the video casting process.

Schedule an audition session and you will come away with filmed audition videos, professional performance feedback, and a better understanding of what it takes to deliver a great audition video for the rest of your career.

Email Mason at to schedule your session and you will receive:

* “How to Survive your Taped Auditions”, written by Mason to help you prepare for your session.
* 40 minutes to film your prepared monologues and or musical numbers.
* Professional Direction to improve your performance for the camera. (You won’t find this with other videographers)
* Raw video files delivered via Dropbox to your email.

Time Flies in our sessions so if you feel you may want more time for a few extra takes and coaching I recommend the premium session.

$180.00 40 minute session
$230.00 80 minute premium session

For more complex scenes or editing needs please feel free to email Mason: