Little Mermaid CAST AND CREW

HEADSHOTS are next week. Thursday 27th 3:15-5:15 and Sat 29th 9:00-2:00!!

HEADSHOTS will ONLY be on these two days. That’s it!!!!

We will be shooting these in the Green Room.
These are HEADSHOTS! Nice ones that you can use if you want.
Please care what you look like and that especially the men… wash your hair, groom it, shave and by all means… brush the teeth!
These photos will also be used for the Playbills and the Photo Wall outside of the theatre for the run of the production!

IF you are having your headshots done on Thursday, it is recommended to bring your clothes in a hanging bag labeled with your name and hang them in the class room on the clothes rack, then change after school; or go home, change and come back. Your choice depending on if you have transportation.
IF you are having your headshots done on SATURDAY, it is recommended to get ready and prepped for your headshot, then come in, get it done and over with. IF you are staying for a SAT rehearsal, then bring a change of clothes appropriate for practice or the workday.

Actor headshots are like a product photo you see in a magazine, only your face is the product. They are made better by simplifying, by removing the jewelry, by avoiding the heavy makeup, and by choosing clothing that draws attention to the face, not the clothes.
Stay away from… things like logos, spaghetti straps, and busy patterns. These clothes may look good on you in person and may describe your personality, but they do not make for a good headshot. Wardrobe needs to be well thought out, but still simple so it does not draw attention away from you.
Ladies, be mindful if wearing a sheer blouse, that some blouses can go almost transparent under a camera strobe, so wear a cami under it!

Please feel free to email me back with any concerns or questions. I’d be happy to help!!