The Little Mermaid Head Shots
Little Mermaid CAST AND CREW HEADSHOTS are next week. Thursday 27th 3:15-5:15 and Sat 29th 9:00-2:00!! HEADSHOTS will ONLY be on these two days. That's it!!!! We will be shooting these in the Green Room. These are HEADSHOTS! Nice ones that you can use if you want. Please care what you look like and that [...]
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CFISD Online Volunteer Registration
Hello Wonderful Theatre Parents, Safety and security at all of our campuses has been a major focus of attention and action in CFISD this fall.  At Cypress Ranch and throughout the district, we have been looking at our policies and procedures and making whatever changes or additions we can in order to enhance student security. [...]
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2019 Tommy Tune Awards Participant
TOMMY TUNE AWARDS PARTICIPANTS CONGRATULATIONS!! Cypress Ranch High School has been selected to participate in the 2019 Tommy Tune Awards! To view the full list of this year's participants, please go to https://www.tuts.com/announcing-the-2019-tommy-tune-awards-participants. 
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