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Comedy Sportz Team Roster

Thanks to all who came out and auditioned for Comedy Sportz,  this school is so talented!  Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Comedy Sportz Team:

Taylor Needham
Michael Pham
Mallory Fondren
Sarah Bartholemew
Mark Waddell
Brett Bellamy
Kaylie Hidalgo
Luisa Pineda
Grant Deyoe
Mia Koern
Stephen Pryor
Gillian Sauer
Ross Strickland
Ryan Murphy
Josh Edwards
Ryan Simon
Charlyn Hanes
Kit Davis
Jazzlyn Gonzalez-Team Manager
Sydney Young-Alternate
Liam McGarity-Alternate

First match is November 5,  2014!

Time to get your PLAYBILL ADS for Addams Family

Well,its the time of the year where we begin preparations for the Playbill for the upcoming fall musical.

This year,the Cypress Ranch Theatre will be performing Addams Family the Musical!

If you have a student actor,actress,theatrical technician or house attendant in the show that you would like to send a “Break A Leg”or Congratulations message to,then fill out the PARENT AD form.

The parent ad form need to be placed in an envelope with your payment,and can be turned in by your student into the green room safe.

If you have a business and would like to have a business ad included in the playbill,please use the BUSINESS SPONSOR AD form.

The business ad form can be mailed along with your payment to the address on the bottom of the form.

The DEADLINE for the Ads is OCT 1st!

If you have any questions,please email us at

PDF FORM:CyRanchTheatre Addams Family –Parent Ads

PDF FORM:CyRanchTheatre Addams Family –Business Sponsor Ads

ADDAMS FAMILY Headshot Information

REMINDER TO ALL CAST AND CREW OF ADDAMS FAMILY:HEADSHOTS will be on ONE WEEKEND ONLY this year!! SEPT 5 and 6. Friday the 5th from 2-6pm and Saturday the 6th from 8-Noon. That’s it! One shot!
These are HEADSHOTS!  Nice ones that you can use if you want.
Please care what you look like and that especially the men… wash your hair,groom it,shave and by all means… brush the teeth!
These photos will also be used for the Addams Family Playbill and the Photo Wall outside of the theatre for the run of the production!
Even though the show is Addams Family,these are headshots,not character shots!
IF you are having your headshots done on FRIDAY,it is recommended to bring your clothes in a hanging bag labeled with your name and hang them in the green room on the clothes rack,then change after school;or go home,change and come back.  Your choice depending on if you have transportation.
IF you are having your headshots done on SATURDAY,it is recommended to get ready and prepped for your headshot,then come in,get it done and over with.  IF you are staying for a SAT rehearsal or tech workday,then bring a change of clothes appropriate for practice or the workday.
Actor headshots are like a product photo you see in a magazine,only your face is the product. They are made better by simplifying,by removing the jewelry,by avoiding the heavy makeup,and by choosing clothing that draws attention to the face,not the clothes.

When choosing the correct wardrobe for a headshot session,layout several outfits to pick from. Select a variety of solid colors and combinations that can be layered,such as a
white crew neck t-shirt with a colored polo shirt,a colored shirt with a vest,denim or leather jacket or a tank top with a light sweater.
NOTE:Stay away from… things like logos,spaghetti straps,and busy patterns. These clothes may look good on you in person and may describe your personality,but they do not make for a good headshot. Wardrobe needs to be well thought out,but still simple so it does not draw attention away from you.
–For men, a jacket with bulky arms can add to the masculine feel of an image. Leather jackets and suit coats with padded shoulders are excellent for this. Don’t go too overboard,though. Most of all,make sure it fits your body type so that it doesn’t look like you are trying to hard or in clothing that is too big for you.
–For women, a thin blouse,sweater or light jacket is great to layer over the solid colors. Be very careful of shoulder pads in jackets and blouses as they can add the appearance of extra weight in a head and shoulders image. It’s important to remember that a tank top,spaghetti straps or sleeveless blouse can have the same effect for different reasons – the upper arms stand out in the image and tend to make you look very wide. Its best to steer clear of both. Also,keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum. Makeup should be only to soften fine lines and lightly enhance eyes and lips,not look like you are ready for a night on the town. If you have pierced ears,small studded earrings are fine and you can also get away with a thin chain with a small pendant. Large jewelry is distracting.  Ladies,be mindful if wearing a sheer blouse,that some blouses can go almost transparent under a camera strobe,so wear a cami under it!
–DO NOT wear logo t-shirts or hats!



Please note that we will be having our first 2014-2015 CYRANCH THEATRE BOOSTER CLUB (STAR) meeting on September 8th at 6:30 p.m. in the Theatre.

Anyone involved in Fresh Faces is required to attend.

We have a lot to get through,so please be on time!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cypress Ranch Theatre’s own CAT REYNOLDS!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cypress Ranch Theatre’s own CAT REYNOLDS!!!  She was just announced as a winner in the 2014 VSA Playwright Discovery Competition.  This competition invites middle and high school students to take a closer look at the world around them,examine how disability affects their lives and the lives of others,and express their views through the art of script writing.   For more information you can check out the press release at:

June 3rd Mandatory Meeting for parents and students of Addams Family Cast &Crew as well as nationals!

ALL Parents and Students of The Addams Family and Nationals competition as well as Parents wanting to be involved in the Theatre Department for the upcoming 2014- 2015 year please come Tuesday,June 3rd,at 6:30pm.


If you are part of the ADDAMS FAMILY PRODUCTION,you are required to complete and sign this Production Contract.

Please keep in mind that there is a MANDATORY MEETING on TUES NIGHT,JUNE 3rd where the completed contract and your production fees are due.


Summer Tech Camp 2014

Tech Camp 2014 is just right around the corner!
This even is limited to the first 35 registrations.


We are so excited to be hosting the Cypress Ranch Technical Theatre Camp!

It will be held in the Cypress Ranch Theatre again this year. We will be covering modeling,Sound board setup and operation,Intelligent and LED lighting,Light maintenance,and a very special Paint section as well as many other topics that are precious to our industry! Guest artists are being secured now. Further word on them will be given as soon as they are committed.

This is a wonderful time of learning new skills and team building. There is a limit to how many students that can be accommodated in this camp. We will not take more than 35 students so get your registration in today! Before July I truly look forward to seeing you this summer!


Cost Per Student:$150 (before June 15th) $175(after June 16th)

Dates: Tuesday July 15th through Saturday July 19th


–Tuesday 12-4
–Wednesday 8am-12noon
–Thursday 8am-12noon
–Friday 8am-12noon
–Saturday 8am-12 and 1-4




If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitated to contact me:

Charles Page
Technical Director
Cypress Ranch Theatre
512-663-3319 (a text is usually the easiest way to get me if the e-mail isn’t working)

Cast List for Addams Family the Musical

Cypress Ranch Theatre is proud to announce

the cast list

for the October 2014 production of


We would like to thank ALL the students that tried out for the Cypress Ranch Theatre October 2014 production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY!  The talent level of the students continues to increase year over year,making this an even more difficult task every time we cast a new show!  We can’t begin to tell you how impresses we are with each and every one of you!
PLEASE NOTE:You MUST explicitly ACCEPT or DECLINE the role you have been cast in.  Please follow those instructions at the bottom of this notice!!!
Jane,Cheryl &Charles


On TUESDAY,JUNE 3rd @ 6:30pm,there is a MANDATORY Parent and Cast meeting for EVERYONE in the WHOLE CAST!  Repeat… this is MANDATORY for the PARENTS AND the STUDENTS!  The PARENTS will attend a special meeting,while students will attend their first company rehearsal.

1. It is IMPERATIVE that those STUDENTS AND PARENTS who are have been cast in the show and those that are ACCEPTING their roles,be present for the TUESDAY,JUNE 3 Meeting!!!

PRODUCTION CONTRACTS WILL BE POSTED on TUES,May 27th on the site.  There WILL NOT be printed copies at the school.  You MUST download and print the PDF that will be posted,then fill it out,sign it and have it signed.

3. Part of your PRODUCTION CONTRACT will include a CONFLICTS SHEET.  Check with your parents NOW…and start making a list of ALL the key dates that you will miss (Dr. Appts,Vacations,College Days,Family Events,Etc. that you will be unavailable for the rehearsals!) This list is EXTREMELY important and must be turned in to the Directors and the Stage Manager!!!

IN ADDITION,parents will need to bring their checkbooks as the S.T.A.R. Boosters will collect both the 2014/2015 Drama Club Fees ($25.00) as well as the ADDAMS FAMILY Production fee ($175.00) for a total of $200.00.  This includes the student’s show shirt.

INSTRUCTIONS for ACCEPTING or DECLINING the role that you are cast in: 

You MUST email the and stating the STUDENTS NAME,the ROLE and that you are ACCEPTING or DECLINING your role.  NOTE:You MUST ACCEPT or DECLINE your role NO LATER THAN TUESDAY,JUNE 3rd by 5:00pm local Houston time.

Side Note:You MUST do this acceptance via email!! So that it can be tracked correctly! DO NOT do a verbal in the hall,classroom,etc. or if you run into the directors at Chick-Fil-A or Target over the weekend…!

Now then without further ado…


Liam McGarityGrace Whaley
Rebekah StanleyEmily Deragon
AliceAncestors (Women)Ancestors (Men)
Amber GrantChristina GibsonJosh Edwards
Carly HochJobi Burr
MalAbby WeeksBrenden Morrow
Tyler HardinKerensa McMurphyRyan Simon
Mallory FondrenEthan Stephens
LucasMeghan GwinnJacob Carter
Brock BurnettSara BartholomewChance Jarvis
Hailey HughesMichael Pham
FesterKendra SteelJonathan Nelmes
Mark WaddellDani DindermanCorey Jennings
Lexi MartinCarson Leonard
GrandmaRyann StringfellowMax Foster
Asia KreitzKelsey GiallanzaKieran Pilling
Reena GannonMorgan Simon
LurchJackie CasbyStephen Pryor
T.B.A.Jazzlyn Gonzalez
Miranda Lara

CALLBACK LIST #2 for Addams Family

Call Back List #2 for “ADDAMS FAMILY the Musical”
**If your name is not on the list it DOES NOT mean you have not made the Cast for the show!!**

Call backs for ADDAMS FAMILY are THURSDAY MAY 22 IMMEDIATELY after school is over in the GREEN ROOM –Room 1803.
Depending on your class schedule,that can mean 2.45 / 3.15.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE MATERIAL you should have prepped,listed by the role below.

DO NOT FORGET that Production Contracts are with Mrs. Bankston.

For those of you that haven’t been through this before…check with your parents NOW…and start making a list of ALL the key dates that you will miss (Dr. Appts,Vacations,College Days,Family Events,Etc. that you will be unavailable for the rehearsals!) This list will be important in the VERY NEAR future!!

This list is for the Callbacks on THUR. May 22
There may be more callback lists published.  I do not have the final word on that yet.
REMEMBER…jusr because your name is not on this list,it DOES NOT mean that you have not made the cast list for the show!!


Addams Family Callbacks- Roles for Thursday May 22nd and Ancestors    

Wednesday: Have ready –  Crazier Than You  and Pulled a and the beginning of When You’re An Addams
1.    Christina Gibson
2.    Rebekah Stanley

Morticia: Have Ready – Just around The Corner and the beginning of When You’re An Addams with Gomez
1.    Carly Hoch
2.    Abby Weeks
3.    Grace Whaley

Gomez: Have ready –Happy Sad and the beginning of When You’re An Addams with Morticia
1.    Jobi Burr
2.    Liam McGarity

Lucas: Have ready Crazier than You
1.    Brock Burnett
2.    Brenden Morrow

Fester: Moon and Me and and the beginning of When You’re An Addams
1.    Ryan Simon
2.    Tyler Hardin

Mal: Have ready Crazier than You
1.    Tyler Hardin
2.    Mark Waddell

Alice: Have ready Waiting
1.    Kerensa McMurphy
2.    Mallory Fondren
3.    Amber Grant

Pugsley: What if and and the beginning of When You’re An Addams
1.    Ethan Stephens
2.    Emily Deragon

Grandma: Have ready But Love and the beginning of When You’re An Addams
1.    Meghan Gwinn
2.    Sara Bartholomew
3.    Asia Kreitz

Ancestors: Be familiar with Ancestor part to the beginning of When You’re An Addams
Women: Hailey Hughes,Kendra Steel,Dani Dinderman,Lexi Martin,Ryann Stringfellow,Tabitha Simper,Priscilla Garza,Wendy Wetzel,Kelsey Giallanza,Reena Gannon,Jackie Casby,Jazzlyn Gonzalez,  Erika Melendez,Miranda Lara
Men: Josh Edwards,  Jacob Carter,Chance Jarvis,Michael Pham,Grant DeYoe,Jonathan Nelmes,Corey Jennings,Carson Leonard,Max Foster,Kieran Pilling,Morgan Simon,Stephen Pryor